Inventory Management

How this company reduced 4 months of work to 4 hours

December 4, 2021

Inventory management, who's figured it out?

The simple answer is, no one.

Many companies consistently struggle with inventory management, whether it be SKUS out of stock/dated, or systems not communicating with one another. Traditionally, this would leave people with no options but to manually handle tasks such as pulling inventory from different systems or vendors, and consolidating it by hand to see what they currently have in stock.

Inevitable problems

Doing such a high volume task like this will inevitably lead to problems. We aren't saying you don't do a good job, we're saying statistically the error rate of humans & inefficiencies of doing it with a person far outweigh the benefits of actually doing the task, so this can many times lead to the task not being done (hence supply chain problems you always hear of).

The solution

We saw this problem from far away, and have been able to consistently solve it for many of our clients by utilizing technology known as "bots" that can mimic human behavior for high volume tasks (not to mention, they're 10X more efficient). Below is a debriefing of one of our use cases in which we were able to reduce the estimated time spent of 4 months to get the task done, to 4 hours when done by a bot. This use case specifically is regarding a company that was looking to update 120,000 products on a monthly basis from an external source to their internal system, allowing them to consistently have new pictures, description, updated pricing, and inventory counts (among other things as well).

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