babybots services

We build the right bot for your needs.

We package our services in 2 different ways. Contact us today to learn more about what might be the best fit for your team’s needs.


Bridge any silos present within your organization


Customized processes specific to your business' needs

Database Communication

Make use of your data by integrating it with your bots tasks

Local & Cloud based

Leaving your desktop? No problem! Have your bot continue working through the cloud

Share your bots

Easily share your bot(s) with other employees


Pending the platform your bot is built on, numerous measures of security are taken to ensure no information is accessible to outside parties.

10X Faster

Our bots work 10X faster than a traditional person

Free up time

Less time on mundane tasks, more time on forward-thinking initiatives
Robotics as a service DEtails

A hands-off automation approach

No matter what your industry, automation can help you work more efficiently. We provide regular robotics services for those looking to get their feet wet in the world of robotic process automation.
Get your bot
A hands-off approach to automation
Payment is a monthly subscription model
Great for teams who may not have dedicated staff in-house
Get a bot for tasks that are scheduled, sequential, or triggered by other events
We'll communicate regularly to ensure your project is on track
No coding required
automation consulting

D.A.A. Engagement

Dedicated Automation Assistance was coined to place emphasis on commitment to the broader goal of automation. To fully see it through, we require a minimum of 6 month engagement with your company. We offer both part time (20H/Week), as well as full time (40H/Week) engagement. 12, 18, as well as extended periods of engagement are offered as well upon request.
Get in touch
An immersive, client focused experience
Keep all bots developed throughout the engagement
Great for teams who  have dedicated staff in-house
Years of self-taught lessons saved by learning from an expert
Best practices established from the start
No prior coding experience required
visual features

Take your email marketing to the next level.

Create workflows that do the heavy lifting for you. Send out personalized newsletters and promotional emails with absolute ease.

Automated Marketing

Send out emails at scheduled times, automatically.

Mobile friendly emails

Get access to all mobile messaging channels in one place.

Affordable pricing

Only pay for the emails you send, get unlimited subscribers on all plans.
feature 4

Good strategy comes from reliable data.

Get instant recommendations on marketing and advertising with auto-generated, detailed reports.
No more juggling between 8 different tools
Draft, schedule and send mails with a single software
Learn more
automation for every use case

Bots come in all shapes and sizes.

Each bot we build is customized to your companies specific needs, while staying flexible enough to easily scale as needed.
Robotic Assistant
Maybe you just need some part time help. Get a robotic assistant that can help take care of any mundane tasks you find yourself doing on a daily basis.
Unattended Cloud Bot
For those who want to be as hands off as possible, the cloud bot is for you. Whether you need the task to run on a scheduled basis, sequentially, or as a trigger, the world is your oyster.

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